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ePost to China

SCS Express 
provides personal postage with customs clearance service to send items to the mainland.

You can use the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system to clear customs in advance, which is fast and time-saving.
This service accepts almost all items, such as battery products, fragrances, health supplements, etc.
No liquid and powder are allowed.

During Covid-19 periods, the delivery process takes 3-4 weeks to send into mainland China (depending on the delivery location)

SCS eC Post express postage is calculated according to the actual weight (weight limit), not the Volumetric weight.

Service requirement
The import value of each order cannot exceed 800 CNY (except for one indivisible product), and the higher value will be returned by the customs or required to go through a commercial customs declaration.

The following is the percentage of the EMS Speedpost service imported to China (This percentage is for reference only)


Tax rate

Healthy supplements

and Food


Daily necessitiestoys


Apparel, Support materials, Sports Equipment (Except Golf clubs and golf accessories),

 Electronics products etc.




Higher value jewellery, alcohol, watches, Golf clubs and golf accessories, cosmetics, etc




Each package has a maximum weight of less than 2 kg and a maximum length of 70cm

Figure 1 Perimeter(b+c+d+e) + longest side(a) cannot over than 2.1m

                                                        SCS eC Post prices table


Hong Kong to Mainlan(HKD)










Prohibited Items

Lithium batteries, Common products containing lithium batteries, Common flammable liquid/product, Pressurized containers (aerosols), Lithium batteries wrapped in tin foil or covered up the original lithium battery indication, Liquid, Dangerous drugs, psychotropic substances, regulated chemicals, antibiotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, firecrackers, strategic commodities, rough diamonds, animals, plants, endangered species, telecommunications equipment, game, meat, poultry, eggs and powder, imitation currency, liquid, powder.

Harmful or promote political, economic, cultural, and moral values in China or contain obscene, pornographic, superstitious, violent and other elements, endanger national sovereignty, endanger national security or interests, violate the fundamental law of the country, attack the Chinese Communist Party and slander the government of the People's Republic of China, promote cults and superstitions, disrupt social order or destroy social stability, insult or slander others and infringe on their legitimate rights and interests, incite ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, destroy ethnic unity or violate ethnic customs


For inquiries, please call our hotline 2762 9555, send WhatsApp to 6223 8423
or send an email to 

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